The Top Three Christmas Trees

Christmas TreeThe Christmas Season is upon us once again and it’s time to start thinking about choosing the perfect tree to bring inside for the holidays. Here are a few tips to help you make the best decision about what kind of tree to buy:

Scotch Pine:

The Scotch Pine has a symmetrical, conical shape making it one of the most popular trees harvested for the holidays. Another great attribute of the Scotch Pine is that has good needle retention.

Frasier Fir:

One of the most popular trees for Christmas is the Frasier Fir. The beautiful, bi-color, needles are deep green on the top while the underside of the needles are silver-white in color. The Frasier Fir is slender enough to fit inside small rooms.

Douglas Fir:

The Douglas Fir features bluish to dark green needles and has an inviting pyramidal shape. It can be difficult to decorate with large ornaments without a little pruning.

If you want to plant your own fir tree for future Christmas celebrations be sure to secure the tree with the Stake-SAFE kit.

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