Protecting Trees from Construction Damage

When working on construction sites, consideration must be given to preventing injury to existing trees on the jobsite. Protecting trees from construction damage can be as simple as installing a well-marked barricade around the tree.

Construction BarricadeThe purpose of the barricade is to keep construction equipment away from the tree itself. The concern is not only the tree bark on the tree trunk but also the overhead branches of the trees. With that in mind the tree barricade should be erected just outside the dripline of the tree (beyond the tips of the lower branches).

For additional protection of the tree roots that may be just beneath the surface or in some cases extend above the ground, apply a layer of wood chips around the base of the tree. The bed of wood chips should fill the entire area inside the barricade to a depth of at least 4 inches.

Newly planted trees on construction sites will likely be supported by tree stakes. OSHA recommends that workers are protected from the hazards of tree stakes. The Stake-SAFE Kit is the solution to alleviate this danger.

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