How to Trim High Tree Branches

Pole SawWhen your trees mature and become very tall, their branches sometimes come dangerously close to power lines and other structures. The trees sprawling branches may grow near your home covering eave gutters, or worse contacting roof shingles or the side of your home.

These high branches can be difficult to prune or remove completely in a safe manner. Climbing an unstable ladder can be awkward and dangerous. A better solution is to purchase a Pole Saw from your local hardware store. When you cut a high tree limb with a pole saw, your feet will be planted firmly on the ground.

If the upper tree limbs are growing near or over power lines, do not attempt to remove these on your own. If you happen to come in contact with the high-voltage lines or worse yet, you tear down the line, you will create a very dangerous situation. For safety, contact your local power company to alert them to the situation. They will likely trim the tree branches that are near the power lines free of charge.

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