How to Chop Down a Christmas Tree

Tree SawYou have hiked a mile into the woods to chop down your Christmas tree for the Holiday Season. The last thing you want is to have the tree die prematurely. Follow these tips to properly chop down your Christmas Tree and extend its life.

Plan ahead, it is important that you can get your freshly cut tree back home in just a few hours before the cut surface dries out. Be sure to bring along a sharp tree saw. Using a saw with a blade that is badly worn out can damage the tree trunk and reduce the life of your Christmas tree. Not to mention the extra work it would require to cut.

If you are attempting this feat alone, be sure to brace yourself against the tree so that it will fall away from you when you complete your cut. However, don’t push too hard too early. You don’t want the tree to fall until it is cut clean, all the way through the trunk.

Tie a rope to the cut end of the tree so you can drag it back to your car for safe transport home.

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